Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boss vs Employee...

One night the shop was out celebrating Scott's 20 years of being a sweet tatty bro. Tim and I (Nick) where celebrating the only way we know how. Beer, Wine, and Whiskey. We got to talking and Tim had never been punched in the face before. I thought everyone should try it at least once. So we collected our selves on the corner of Church and Market street and each took one swing at each other. Nobody got mad, just 2 dudes agreeing to slugging each other in the face. It was amazing. This is how we looked a few days later.


  1. 1st rule of Fight Club is no one talks about fight club..

  2. Once again the stupidity of men has no limits. Great story and only a person that has never been socked in the dome would wonder what it feels like.

  3. hahahahaha thats great, congrats to scott aswell!